4 Habits Of Highly Productive People

Workplace Success 24 Jun 2019
4 Habits Of Highly Productive People | Blog from New Day Jobs

We only have 24 hours each day, but how use these hours varies greatly, yielding vastly different outcomes. New Day Jobs shares 4 insights taken from highly successful people that can make or break your productivity.

  1. Disengage from ‘Unnecessary’ Social Media Environments - Social media is unavoidable as we commit to maintain relationships not just physically but also ‘virtually’. Online networking apps are integrated into our daily lives to the point that a regulated social media presence has become an obligation. However, to what extent? While it is completely alright to check and respond to your emails in a timely manner, we do not have to showcase our personal lives all the time. So give your device a break and cut yourself off from spending so much time in simulated environments.
  2. Set Your Everyday Goals - A goal doesn’t have to be long term. Most of the time, we focus on the long-term so much that we forget the importance of having small wins that contribute to the long-term aim. Try to cultivate a habit of setting small goals everyday. It can be as simple as waking up at 8 in the morning instead of noon or dedicating 15 minutes everyday to learn a new language.
  3. Spend More Time with Optimistic People - Uplifting people radiate positivity and can make others around them feel high-spirited. Merely talking to uplifting people or watching them doing their thing can inspire us. We are who we choose to hang out with. The traits and the motives of the people around us have so much to do with who we can eventually become. Therefore, sticking to people who generally have an optimistic and encouraging attitude can propel us to perform better in our lives and improve our productivity.
  4. Sleep! - Productivity can be enhanced with carefully structured work and rest periods. Productivity is not about working constantly without break; productivity is about trying to get the best yield out of an optimal input. Having enough rest and a regulated work-play pattern can benefit us by allowing us to concentrate better on our tasks without burning out.

Final Verdict...

Productivity is one of the many aspects of high achievers, and the power of habits can help improve your productivity. It’s a set of consistent and committed practices that successful people undergo everyday to multiple the results. Therefore, make productivity ‘a habit,’ and start gaining momentum in your days like never before.

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