Hiring Top Remote Talent in Southeast Asia

Productive 03 Feb 2021
Hiring Top Remote Talent in Southeast Asia | Blog from New Day Jobs

Asia Remote Jobs, powered by Singapore-based New Day Jobs, was awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a finalist in the annual Global MIT Solve event.

Asia Remote Jobs’ innovative solution helps global employers hire affordable, top remote talent (mostly serving tech job functions).

Hiring mostly from the Southeast Asia region, Asia Remote Jobs taps into the quickly growing talent pool of young developers, who are benefiting from world-class high-speed internet infrastructure in the region, literacy in cutting edge technologies, and strong communication skills.  The availability of strong tech talent in the region has been estimated to grow 10-fold in 2.5 years. 

Fully distributed companies, as well as Employers in Asia and Europe (which partially overlaps in timezone with Southeast Asia), are increasingly turning to the burgeoning region for hiring due to its strong tech talent.  

This need has only increased in the past year, as the effects of COVID have both magnified the importance of saving on costs, while catalyzing companies to gain the tools and knowhow to manage and cultivate remote employees.

Asia Remote Jobs has seen strong growth on their site, as they have estimated that the market for remote hiring  has increased 30-fold over the past year.

Asia Remote Jobs' ensures quality candidates on their marketplace by:

  1. Matching developers to remote work at international companies
  2. Providing key value-add skills training, and
  3. Providing access to compliance solutions for corporates too ease the process.

For employers, Asia Remote Jobs collects job requirements, sources candidates, and delivers high-quality candidates vetted by their recruitment experts and propietary technology.

Asia Remote Jobs is building an inclusive global workforce.  Skills development and job access are key drivers for future economic development, and will facilitate higher incomes and more equitable income distribution. 

If you are hiring tech positions, visit them at https://asiaremotejobs.com or reach out to them directly at [email protected].  


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