How to Get Your CV Noticed - Advanced Tips

Career Advice 15 Jan 2021
How to Get Your CV Noticed - Advanced Tips | Blog from New Day Jobs

How to tailor / trim your CV - Advanced Tips for Senior Professionals

  • Do you have 8+ years experience?  
  • Have you done various part-time consultancies?  
  • Do you have a varied career that doesn’t fit into a box?

If any of these apply to you, then you might not have an easily digestible CV that might confuse Hiring Managers.  

Not to worry!  We have created a few tips for you to refine your CV and get noticed!

Know Your Audience:

Hiring managers are frequently looking for particular profiles for their roles.  They don’t want to spend a long time trying to figure out how you might have the potential to fit into the opening.  They want to look at your CV, and quickly see that you are a good potential fit.


In the Job Posting, check out the role overview, as well as the requirements section.  

1. Use a Tailored 2-Line Summary at the Top:

See a couple items that you nail with your experience?  Then plug this into a Summary section at the top of your CV under your name?

If the role says that they are looking for a Marketing Graduate with “6+ years experience in Digital Marketing”, and you have this experience, then quickly plug this into your CV.

Note-Don’t use too long a summary, or else the reviewer is not likely to read it.

2. 2-4 Custom CVs:

Do you have a career that doesn’t fit exactly into a peg?  Perhaps you have experience in Data Analysis, Program Management, and System Administration?  

Create 2 to 4 custom CVs that emphasize each of your strengths.  Are you applying for a Data Analyst Specialist Role?  Then use your Data Analysis-oriented CV.  Are you applying for Program Manager?  Then use your Program Management-oriented CV.

3. Sometimes, Less is More: 

Do you have a CV that is stuffed with loads of roles?  This is particularly relevant for professionals with long careers, and/or consultants with several part-time projects. This could actually work against you - the client may see it and think you are “jumpy”, more likely to leave them after a short period of time.

If you have overlapping roles (perhaps you are a part-time consultant on multiple projects), consider moving one of your shorter, less relevant stints to an “Additional Projects” section.

Do you have multiple projects with the same organization?  Put them into the same Job section.

4. Be smart with each Job Experience’s top bullet point:

Likely, a CV reviewer is not going to read more than the first sub-bullet in your CV.

If you have directly relevant experience to the role responsibilities, move this to the top bullet point in your CV.

Have any additional suggestions?  Please provide any comments based on your learnings.



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