How To Quickly Improve English Proficiency

Personal Upgrade 24 Jun 2019
How To Quickly Improve English Proficiency | Blog from New Day Jobs

Think, Read, Listen, Speak and Write in English or any other language you are trying to master.

Think – Talk to yourself in what you consider "proper" English. Take note of your grammar and sentence structure

Read – Make reading your daily habit. English newspapers are a good source of professionally written articles. Where there is choice of your native language, make the decision to read in English.

Listen – What are you interested in? This can be in the form of pop songs, poetry, shows or movies. Through listening, you learn the application of vocabulary and the expression of various sentence structure. Most of all, you are entertained.

Speak – Make the conscious effort to reply in English. Pronunciation can be improved through exercise. Last but not the least, practice your writing. You can do so through your to-do list, diary, emails or daily journals.

Write – Consider keeping a diary in English and practice everyday. For interactive quizzes, check out New Day Jobs Facebook Messenger Chatbot:

With hard work and perseverance, proficiency in English is attainable. In short, practice, practice practice!

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