How to sustain your energy throughout your workday

Workplace Success 17 Dec 2019
How to sustain your energy throughout your workday | Blog from New Day Jobs

Khant Zaw Hein
Digital Marketing Intern

In the workplace, high energy relates to high performance, better productivity and extensive efficiency. 

When it comes to causes of low energy, we see three things such as sleep deprivation, stress and poor fitness. 

You can do the following list of things to get sustainable energy throughout your whole day at work. 

  1. Get enough sleep: Try to figure out how many hours a day you need to sleep. More sleep means you will feel less sleepy at work and a fresh brain. 
  2. Exercise: You don’t have to go to the gym. You can do simple, easy exercises like walking, jogging and rope skipping to keep your body fit and healthy. 
  3. Get done your main tasks first: You feel productive when you have done major tasks. Don’t spend much energy on things that don’t contribute much to your job 
  4. Eat smaller meals: a steady supply of nutrients to the brain helps reduce brain fatigue 
  5. Take short breaks between tasks: your brain needs a short period of reboot after a task that requires great brainpower. Stand up once every hour and walk around. Staying active reduce body stiffness. 
  6. Make your day meaningful with positive self talk: Be positive and smile frequently. Negative emotions drain your energy fast. 
  7. Drink water: staying hydrated make sure comfortable cushioning between brain, spinal cord and other brain tissue. 
  8. Stay away from gossip: Knowing when to walk away from a toxic conversation - gossiping - helps you build and maintain a healthy working relationship with all your colleagues, even with those who don’t see eye to eye with you on certain issues

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