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InyaLand's mission is to accelerate societal transformation for sustainable development by catalyzing and harnessing technology innovations in information, learning, finance and machine learning with love and metta in Myanmar.

Since founding in June 15, 2011 by a Myanmar duo of practical idealists from the United States and Myanmar respectively in humble beginnings, compared to our mission, InyaLand has been striving on its entrepreneurial startup journey, stretching itself over the years and working to bring along committed and inspired team members for our aspirational and challenging ride, inspired by organizations like Amazon, Khan Academy, Tesla and SpaceX.

In about seven years, we have become one of the leading IT companies in Myanmar with technology consulting, systems integration, managed services, hardware/software distribution and rapidly growing cloud capabilities. We have a small yet sizable, well-qualified young team led by managers with international experience in ASEAN, located across Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay and San Diego, California.

We are deeply committed to offering meaningful employee ownership by our team members, inspired by The Great Game of Business book and Costco, pledging 1% of our equity, our team member time, our profits and our own products to philanthropic social impact initiatives, inspired by Pledge 1% and innovative companies such as Alphabet (Google), Atlassian, and Salesforce, and eventually becoming both a Certified B Corp and a Benefit Corporation, inspired by companies such as Kickstarter, New Resource Bank, Patagonia and Techstars.

And, we are audaciously hopeful and taking gradual steps and considerable leaps concurrently towards realizing our mission. Please stay tuned.

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