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Crossover for Work
Remote (Asia Time Zone Permitted)

Account Executive, Aurea (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

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Account Executive, Aurea (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

Crossover for Work
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

Crossover is hiring for multiple Account Executive positions for our client, Aurea.

Most B2B software companies make the mistake of expecting sales reps to just ‘get the deals in’ with the naive expectation that raw activity, individual sales heroics and the pressure of a quota, will create growth.

The result on the sales representative is more and more emphasis on making custom decks and sales pitches or reinventing the wheel with every deal instead of crafting and executing a proven repeatable sales approach and message. What started as a seemingly logical approach (hire great people, pressure them with a quota and trust their random instincts to get deals closed), results in a poor return on investment and an ineffective and unhappy sales force.

At Aurea, we turn this logic on its head. First, we don’t chase growth at the expense of quality or economics. Instead, we only feed our sales reps team bottom-of-funnel inbound shoppers who are actively searching online for a solution to their problem. We limit the scope of our demand generation efforts so that we can mathematically predict the quality and quantity of bottom of funnel leads week after week. Then the qualification team screens these leads to ensure their fit and timeline to purchase and pass them to the sales reps. The result is that each sales rep has the quantity and quality of leads to keep them in front of high-quality prospects consistently.

Second, we seek to increase sales rep's effectiveness not by increasing activities but by focusing on the quality of every live connect. Our managers spend their time coaching on the detailed nuances of recorded calls, while our reps are rapidly putting those learnings into effect on the front lines. The result is a continuous loop of improvement where our reps get to spend their time doing what they love (engaging prospects) and Aurea benefits from a rapidly maturing and happy salesforce.

We are able to accomplish such a conversation-centered approach because we have aggressively automated every other aspect of the business. We eliminate the guesswork around what reps should do on their calls, resulting in consistent messaging, predictable methodology, and ultimately signed contracts and quality partnerships. Data continually proves the most effective processes, so we lock down those processes and allow reps to maximize their time on the phone educating prospects and winning customers.

Becoming a sales rep at Aurea means investing in the actual essence of effective sales: solving prospect problems by masterfully positioning a software solution as the differentiated anecdote to that problem. You’ll learn that here faster than anywhere else.

What You Will Be Doing

Your first priority is to conduct world-class product demos that involve insightful questions to find out more about the prospect’s business pains and needs. The inbound meeting request will be screened and qualified by the SDR team and they will schedule the meeting on your calendar.

When on a live demo call you will follow the product-specific Call Outline (of course internalizing and personalizing it to make it your own) to learn more about the prospect’s pain, position our solution according to our “secret sauce”, and determine next steps with the prospect that ultimately leads to a signed contract.

Account Executive Key Responsibilities

  • For each new demo, prepare a customized “What We Heard from You” slide based on previous call recordings and notes, along with corresponding probing questions
  • Conduct world-class demo calls using our proven demo outline which includes:
  • Crisp probing questions to find the prospect’s business pains
  • Pitch delivery guides to ensure you are positioning the solution as a differentiated solution to a ubiquitous problem in the industry
  • A compelling demo narrative that brings the software to life with real customer examples
  • Minimum requirements for talk time, interactivity, and duration to guide you to the most effective presentation format to then connect how Aurea solutions can help their needs, leading to next steps and ultimately signed partnership agreements.
  • Qualify deals according to the MEDDIC sales methodology and document that qualification in Salesforce

Basic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • 3+ years of closing experience in a quota carrying role
  • Excellent conversationalist who drives conversations primarily through the intent to educate and challenge as opposed to merely the intent to build relationship
  • Meticulous task executor who can’t live with overdue action items
  • Native English (or equivalent)

Nice-to-have Requirements

  • Prior Acquisition Sales experience in B2B Software

About Aurea

Aurea was founded with the singular vision of helping businesses succeed in today’s complex digital landscape. To achieve that goal, we do things differently. Our customers enjoy access to every product in our portfolio - all of which are cloud-based, enterprise-scale, and easy to use - with one simple subscription. We focus on relationships instead of transactions. And our unique AureaOne operating model and acquisition strategy ensure that our portfolio continues to grow, so we can continue to provide competitive advantage and differentiated results for our customers no matter what the future holds.

Aurea is was an early adopter of remote-work. In fact our entire team, nearly 2000 people and growing, operates in an entirely remote work model.

What’s Next?

There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. Hit the Apply button if you found this interesting and want to learn more. We look forward to meeting you!

What to expect next:

  • You will receive an email with a link to start your self-paced, online job application.
  • Our hiring platform will guide you through a series of online “screening” assessments to check for basic job fit, job-related skills, and finally a few real-world job-specific assignments.
  • You will be paired up with one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step.

Important! If you do not receive an email from us:

  • First, emails may take up to 15 minutes to send, refresh and check again.
  • Second, check your spam and junk folders for an email from, mark as “Not Spam” since you will receive other emails as well.
  • Third, we will send to whatever email account you indicated on the Apply form - by default, that is the email address you use as your LinkedIn username and it might be different than the one you have already checked.
  • If all else fails, just reset your password by visiting if you already applied using LinkedIn EasyApply.

Crossover Job Code: LJ-4216-PH-NCRNatio-AccountExecutive

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