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Account Manager (with Australian business hours overlap)

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Account Manager (with Australian business hours overlap)

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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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  • Have Freedom Over When, Where & How You Work
  • Rapid Growth in New and Existing Account and Project Management Skills
  • Paid Holidays Whenever You Like
  • Salary + Quarterly Bonus
  • Share in Company Growth

Hello — we’re Trialfacts, a remote entrepreneurial company, and without us, a lot of medical research would not be possible. We’re searching for an Account Manager to help our team advance health research. If you’re looking for a position where you can set your own hours, take holidays as you see fit, work remotely from home or anywhere in the world, and help medical research succeed, then please read on.

Today’s highly sophisticated medical system has added nearly 20 years of life expectancy, reduced infant mortality by 90% and maternal mortality by 99%. Polio, leprosy, smallpox, and tuberculosis are practically eradicated, even in the poorest countries in the world. More recently, medical researchers around the world have come together to create a variety of vaccines to combat Covid-19. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but a big part of what’s been achieved is due to new medications, medical devices, and understanding developed through clinical research.

Our clients — academic researchers and medical research organizations, are working hard to continue to develop treatments and devices, increase our understanding, eradicate sickness, and improve quality of life. Their biggest challenge is spending half of their time searching for and never being able to recruit enough of the patients required for their clinical trials.

Our company — Trialfacts, removes the biggest hurdle and frustration to conducting their research, by recruiting the patients and volunteers they require for their clinical trials, many times thereby saving their research. We’re the only company in the industry to also do this in a predictable and reliable manner, by determining upfront exactly how many patients we can recruit, and backing that up with a money-back guarantee.


Customer Relationship Orientated —You are able to build trust and relationships with our clients, and you can read people and associate with them in a meaningful way. You’ll be expected to maintain and retain client relationships that result in successful recruitment for their studies.

Good at communication — Whether it is through email or phone calls, you excel at verbal and written communication. You are also a great presenter and able to deal with difficult clients.

Great at project management — We need someone who will be able to manage the full recruitment process, which entails great project planning, time management, task management, and attention to detail.

Willing to learn — A good Account Manager is knowledgeable and understands the ins and outs of our recruitment process to be able to guide and educate clients on getting the most out of their recruitment with us.


Autonomy — We don’t have set working hours. We don’t have a leave application process (you can take paid holidays whenever you want). We don’t micromanage or babysit. You’ll be accountable to the rest of the team purely on your results, and not on the number of hours spent working. Our team is remote (we communicate via Slack, Basecamp, and Zoom). We set our own hours based on what works for us and our clients. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can work from wherever in the world you choose.

Innovation — We’ve launched innovative patient recruitment strategies (e.g. our phone screening appointment system, researcher interviews, social media recruitment), and we’re constantly improving our service. We have developed a data-driven forecasting approach that provides predictability in a volatile industry. Our consistent, data-driven process has allowed us to be the first and only recruitment company to provide certainty to our clients via a money-back guarantee. We apply the same innovative approach to patient advertising and are always trying to improve our abilities, whether that’s through using platforms, exploring new channels, or trying out different advertising mediums like video advertising.

Impact — Trialfacts plays an extremely important role in contributing to medical research and driving humanity forward. Our clients—researchers working at universities, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, natural medicine companies, hospitals, and medical practices—work hard to develop treatments and technology that cure diseases and improve quality of life.

Growth — As a member of a small team you'll be exposed to many areas of the business. You'll be given the opportunity to learn many new skills and experiment in many new areas, as well as progress and build on what you already know. You'll have access to courses and training programs of your choice, paid for by Trialfacts. Each quarter, we’ll put in place a Development Plan to increase your skills, knowledge, experience, and responsibility.

Opportunity — As a small and innovative team we’ve done away with outdated corporate thinking like the physical office, micromanaging, and bureaucratic leave processes, but we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We offer a stable salary + performance-based quarterly bonus, annual salary review, a personal and tailored development plan, and the possibility to grow into positions of additional responsibility and leadership in the future. We’re growing rapidly and we're excited to have someone join the team who will be focusing exclusively on our clients to build lasting relationships. We're an innovative company in an industry ripe for disruption. The future looks optimistic as we continue to improve and expand on our core service.


  • Have experience delivering client-focused solutions to customer needs
  • Have a proven ability to juggle multiple account management projects at a time, while maintaining sharp attention to detail
  • Enjoy interacting with clients and are not afraid to pick up the phone
  • Are willing to work with some overlap with Australian business hours for ad hoc client calls. A minimum of 4- 5 hours overlap with this timezone is needed.
  • Have a problem-solving attitude to help clients solve enrollment funnel issues
  • Excel in written and spoken English - our clients are English speaking
  • Are results-driven - you will be coached and guided, but ultimately you will be responsible for your KPIs.
  • Are looking for a full-time position - we’re experiencing growth and we need someone who can fully commit to Trialfacts and get up to speed fairly quickly. We’re not looking for someone who wants to run their own part-time business or freelancing career on the side.


Yes, this position description is so long that it needs a summary! Here are the facts:

  • Set your own hours: Choose when and how you work, but there needs to be some flexibility to have training and meetings with the rest of the team. This is a full-time position.
  • Work remotely: We’re a virtual team located around the globe. You can live anywhere or travel in this position. You will need a reliable internet connection.
  • Results-based environment: You’ll be evaluated based on your results. You will not be micromanaged, but you need to ensure high customer satisfaction and aim to achieve a good NPS Score (Net Promoter Score).
  • Commitment to learning: We believe in continuous improvement and growth. You’ll be mentored, guided, and trained by your manager and team. External resources, courses, and training programs may be paid for by Trialfacts.
  • Contribute something meaningful to the world: We make a lot of medical research possible that would otherwise fail, and remove the #1 headache faced by researchers in a predictable and reliable manner, backed by our money-back guarantee.
  • Trial period: There will be an initial paid trial period typically lasting 2-3 weeks, but it’s possible it might be longer.
  • Compensation: Compensation will be a monthly salary plus a performance-based quarterly bonus. Salaries are reviewed annually.

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