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Remote (Asia Time Zone Permitted)

Director of Software Development (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

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Director of Software Development (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

Crossover for Work
  • Remote (Asia Time Zone Permitted)
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
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Job Detail

We have a solution for technical experts that want to advance their career but don't want to stop exercising their technical skills. Because we have automated away non-technical tasks like HR activities, resource allocation, and project management, managers focus on two high-impact activities. Most of the week is dedicated to diving deep into the team's output to find the source of quality problems and eliminate them. Based on your insights from reviewing a week’s worth of work, you propose and implement big ideas to simplify work, systemically improve quality and enable scale for our growing portfolio of over 100 B2B software products.

Because this role is focused on diving deep into the technical details and collecting insights to drive real change in the organization, instead of the typical manager tasks, the day to day impact is much higher than the industry norm. Your insights will force continuous improvement in the managers who report to you, and in the work of all members of the organization.

Continue your growth as a leader, maintain your technical edge, and be exposed to different technologies. Be part of an organization that is pushing the limits of software engineering, using cutting edge technologies on AWS, and setting a blistering pace for incorporating new software companies into our portfolio.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Using your technical experience as a software architect and developer to understand problems like why releases are delayed, defects escape and processes break.
  • Analyzing data to detect quality failure patterns and writing improvement plans that you will execute once approved. You will love this job if you seek challenges, and are excited by the idea of improving the systems which allow us to ship high-quality software releases for dozens of products every week.

What You Won’t Be Doing
  • Project management or task assignment - We have sophisticated algorithms and automation to handle this.
  • Stagnating at your current level of technical proficiency - deep diving into technical details within our software gives you daily challenges to expand your knowledge.

Director Of Software Development Key Responsibilities
  • Be accountable for the quality of weekly software releases for 20 enterprise software products.
  • Holding the Software Engineering Managers that report to you to high standards in how they coach team members and enforce quality bars.
  • Leading by consistently innovating improvements that improve the quality and reliability of the products you own.

Basic Requirements
  • 5+ years of experience designing and building software products using Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++ because our leaders are experts in the work their team does.
  • 3+ years of experience with managing teams from multiple engineering functions (developers, designers, product managers, testers)
  • A Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar field.
  • Fluent English and the ability to write clearly and concisely.

Nice-to-have Requirements
  • Experience in delivering enterprise B2B SaaS products to multiple customers
  • Lean Manufacturing” mindset applied to software engineering (e.g., “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford‎)

About Crossover

Crossover has been a pioneer of the remote work model since our inception in 2010 - helping thousands of people find great work opportunities. We focus on full-time, long-term work - not short-term "gigs" or freelancing side jobs. Most of our positions are within a large and growing portfolio of software companies. Since we focus on remote work, our openings can be filled globally and pay standardized compensation rates, regardless of where you choose to live.

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Crossover Job Code: LJ-3288-SG-Singapor-DirectorOfSoft.012

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