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Energy Manager

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Energy Manager

Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience :
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Job Detail

·        Improvement, collaborate and implement strategies and policies to reduce fuel consumption.

·        Encourage the use of renewable and sustainable fuel resources within an organization or
community and raise the profile of fuel conservation.

·        Create policies and systems for buying fuel and helping with contract negotiations.

·        Provide technical and practical advice and offer training on fuel efficiency.

·        Keep accurate records and regularly collect fuel monitoring data.

·        Carry out site inspections and fuel surveys.

·        Benchmark fuel consumptions against best practice guidelines.

·        Setting targets for fuel reduction.

·        Prepare reports summarizing fuel usage.

·        Keep up to date with changes in fuel regulation.

·        Report good news stories for external and internal communications.

·        Analyze equipment performance with respect to fuel efficiency.

·        Ensure proper functioning and calibration of instrumentation required to assess level
of fuel consumption directly or indirectly.

·        Establish a methodology how to accurately calculate the specific fuel consumption of
various products/services or activity of the firm.

·        Create knowledge bank on sect oral, national and international development on fuel
efficiency technology and management system and information denomination

·        Develop integrated system of fuel efficiency and environmental up-gradation.

·        Co-ordinate implementation of fuel audit/efficiency improvement projects through external

·        Establish and/or participate in information exchange with other fuel project lead of the
same sector through association.

·        Preparing Monthly Business Report, Monthly Project Report, Head Count Review Report and
KPI access for all Energy team members.

·        Estimate Require Monthly Fuel Consumption, Additional transportation for fuel filling,
Vehicle, No: of Team and Daily Team Allowance.

·        Taking Work Completion Note Sign off from respective customers by month wise.

·        Managing the cost control for additional transportation in Fuel filling.

·        Making Diesel filling plan as per internal and external requirement.

·        Troubleshooting in Emergency Refueling plan (fuel theft, water mix, high DGRH, etc.)

·        Given Report to customer for High fuel consumption issue in each fuel filling such as
(Fuel theft, fuel flash out, fencing status, DG door status, etc.)

·        Check and Review the all site refueling photos with customers.

·        Arranging fuel to In House fuel team from ASP through sourcing and finance department.

Personal Attributes required

High communication skills

Honesty and good practice of confidentiality

Good work ethic with ability to work under pressure

Determination and persistence

Eagerness to learn

Academic Qualification

Must be a degree holder, Engineering back ground preferred.

Experience in O & M field of telecom industry with (24/7) scope.

Good computing skill, especially in MS office
(Advance level).

Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.

Commitment for long term service.

in English (particularly in reading & writing)

Good communication & interpersonal skill

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