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[Full-time Remote] Full stack Engineer

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[Full-time Remote] Full stack Engineer

Shunter team
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

Salary:$1,500 - 2,000



Skills:eCommerce × 1NodeJS × 3ReactJS × 3HTML × 3JavaScript × 3TypeScript × 3

Job Overview & Responsibility

The mission of company is to provide men with a safe haven for all things men’s health, whether it’s making discreet, affordable and convenient alternatives to receiving treatment more accessible to men, or raising awareness and acceptance of some of the more private conditions that men may feel embarrassed about.

You’ll be involved in building the most ambitious digital healthcare platform in the region.

Job Requirement

Your background is less important than the key skills, which might include:

● Proficiency with React for client-side development and Node.js for backend development

● At least 3 years experience with same position

● Good english communication (because this person work and report directly to the management team from Singapore)

● Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript/Typescript

● eCommerce experience. You have experience building eCommerce platforms (e.g. customer management, transactions, order, invoicing) and have the requisite skills to meet the technical demands.

● Startup experience. You will have a huge passion for startups and fast-growing teams. You will have been part of the journey of a successful startup.

● Experience with Chakara UI & Material UI framework

● Experience with relational database (e.g. PostgreSQL)

● Experience in production development of RESTful APIs

Why Candidate should apply for this position

Company is made up of a bunch of creatives, entrepreneurs and tech-driven individuals. We’re far from the straight-laced corporates that you might imagine pulling the strings behind healthcare companies. We represent a new breed of healthcare companies, at the forefront of revolutionising how people receive medical treatment. Noah was founded in the midst of COVID-19, and in the matter of 6 months, we've grown to thousands of patients and hit over 7 figures in Annual Run Rate. We have also been featured on Augustman, FM91.3, Vulcan Post, e27, etc. We see ourselves continuing to grow to all new heights, and therefore are looking for someone with the skills to help us meet the technological demands that come with it.

You will be joining a young startup in a growth phase and you will also be working remotely (we don't intend to get an office anytime soon). This means a couple of things:

● Flexible schedule. You will have a more flexible schedule but you will also have to be prepared to fight fires at odd hours when you least expect.

● Pull your own weight. As employee #7, you make up 12.5% of our company. There'll be no hand-holding and we expect you to pull your own weight - like everyone else.

● Things get messy. There's no sugarcoating this. Things are unstructured and processes might be lacking. We're not where we want to be but we're getting there.

● You must be able to thrive in ambiguous situations (see point above).

● You are willing to put in the time to get the most out of any opportunity.

Building a strong team is key in our ambition to thrive as a company, as co-workers, and as individuals. Therefore, we are looking for someone similarly dedicated and passionate, willing to put their best foot forward (go all stakes in) and take pride in what they do, because we do too.

If you are interested in joining us at this point in our journey and are someone who enjoys sticking their hands in the dirt and putting in the work to see something grow, then you’re one of us.

Interviewing Process

Interview with CEO and Tech Lead


- Company size: 7 members in Singapore (Founder is working remotely in Melbourne). Currently have 1 full time developer lead in Singapore. The rest of team is creative, operations members

- Launch the platform in June last year

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