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General Manager

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General Manager

Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
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 1.1.1 The role of the GM, Head of Operations is to ensure that the strategic and business objectives as well as the values of The company, Ltd are put into practice. In conjunction with other members of staff they will ensure business growth through directing and managing business operations activities to ensure they are delivered in accordance with the strategic objectives. 

 1.1.2 The GM, Head of Operations will be responsible for overseeing the profitable operation and efficiency of the multi-brands within The company, Ltd. 

1.1.3 On the operational level, ensures that data, payroll/finances, marketing and the managing of the HR function are consistent to that of the head office requirements. 

1.1.4 Assist and create organizational and program budgets in collaboration with the CEO and other team members, and undertaking other miscellaneous tasks as and when they arise. 

 1.1.5 Ensure organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization's financial/strategic functions. 

 1.1.6 Work and guide Operations Team and staff and contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices. 

 1.1.7 Interact with the Board members and CEO. 

 1.1.8 Plan, direct and manage the performance of all internal operations, so as to maintain and develop business growth in accordance with the overall strategy. 

 1.1.9 Actively participate on the The company, Ltd Strategic Planning Committee. 

1.1.10 Lead the process of developing, with the active participation of the BRAND Operation Managers and General Managers and the Corporate Team leaders, the annual Business Plan for each BRANDS. 

1.1.11 Ensure implementation of The company, Ltd approved Business Plan for each BRANDS. 

1.1.12 Ensure Operations within The company, Ltd approved budget for each managed BRANDs. 

1.1.13 Gain and maintain excellent knowledge of competition and general industry trends. 

1.1.14 Monitor operating results and compare outcomes with budgets, other The company, Ltd managed BRANDS’ performances and with industry averages. 

1.1.15 Motivate, coach and train Operation Manager and General Manager Team members, set goals and hold team members accountable, and provide appropriate feedback, rewards, and recognition. 


2.1. General 

2.1.1 Ensure that each BRAND is maximizing the Guest and Associate experience. 

2.1.2 Develop, maintain and ensure compliance with The company, Ltd and BRAND operating policies and procedures (Operations Manual). 

2.1.3 Motivate, coach and train BRAND Operations Manager, General Manager team members. 

 2.1.4 Set goals and hold Operations Manager and General Managers team members accountable, and provide appropriate feedback, rewards, and recognition. 

2.1.5 Hold Operations Manager and General Managers effectively accountable for managing and motivating associates and achieving overall financial results, and guest and associate satisfaction. 

2.1.6 Ensure proper, appropriate and timely operations reporting and record keeping both at the BRAND locations and at the Corporate Office. 

2.1.7 Ensure development, implementation and support successful attainment of each BRAND’s annual Business Plan. 

2.1.8 Demonstrate a high level of integrity, take ownership of personal and team actions, communicate effectively, promote collaboration, nurture a positive, professional work environment, and ensure development of, and adherence to, BRANDS/The company, Ltd operations policies, protocols and Standard Operating Procedures. 

 2.1.9 Upgrade and implement an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, accounting standards, and procedures. 

 2.2. Specific: 

2.2.1 Send a daily end of the day activity and accomplishment correspondence to the The company, Ltd and copy to corporate team heads. 

2.2.2 Read daily Emails from BRANDS Operation Managers and General Managers and respond as appropriate. 

2.2.3 Conduct private daily telephone call meetings with each BRAND Operation Managers and General Manager to review daily emails, daily flash reports, daily activities and performance outcomes. 

2.2.4 Conduct monthly meetings of Department Heads, BRAND Operation Managers and General Managers to review operations outcomes, progress and accountability. 

2.2.5 Inspect The company, Ltd properties for Quality Assurance standards. 

2.2.6 Track BRANDS performance standards for each properties. 

 2.2.7 Performance standards include: BRAND The company, Ltd Quality Assurance Market Share Indices (MSI) Net Operating Income (NOI) Record keeping and reporting Supplies storage, ordering and PAR maintenance protocols BRANDS / The company, Ltd Guest Satisfaction Indices (GSI) The company, Ltd Associate Satisfaction Index (ASI) 

2.2.8 Conduct regular and timely performance reviews of BRAND Operation Managers and General Manager Team members. 


3. Optimum Attributes: 

 3.1 Willing to take responsibility and accountability for the team. 

3.2 Well groomed and professional appearance. 

3.3 Willing to work on weekends and holidays if required. 

3.4 Effective communication skills. 

3.5 Good listener. 

3.6 Emphatic and tolerant. 

3.7 Open with praise, discreet with criticism. 

3.8 Consistent and congruent. 

3.9 Rational, prudent and practical. 

 4. Performance standards: 

4.1. Performance shall be measured by achievement of the : 

4.1.1. The company, Ltd managed BRANDS’ business plans. 

 4.1.2. The company, Ltd budgeted Nett Operating Income (NOI). 

4.1.3. The company, Ltd’s BRANDS Market Share Indices (MSI) Index goal achievements. 

4.1.4. The company, Ltd’s Guest Satisfaction Index (GSI) goals. 

4.1.5. The company, Ltd’s Associate Satisfaction Index (ASI) goals. 

4.1.6. Ensuring the performance and administration of the The company, Ltd GSI program. 

4.1.7. Meeting and Maintaining the The company, Ltd BRANDS’ Quality standards and brand rankings. 

 4.2 PEOPLE 

4.2.1 Selects, hires, trains and develops the best Operational Team Members (Management). 

4.2.2 Ensures Team Members are treated with dignity and respect. 

 4.2.3 Sets clear performance expectations through directions and goals; actively listens to Team Members to determine needs and concerns and quickly responds. 

 4.2.4 Provides clear feedback through effective praise, coaching and counseling. 

4.2.5 Acknowledges and celebrates team and individual successes. 

 4.2.6 Resolves Team Member conflicts constructively and professionally. 

 4.2.7 Works with BRAND Operation Managers to ensure standards are followed. 

4.2.8 Consistently follows the The company, Ltd/BRANDS hiring procedures and practices. 

 4.2.9 Ensures current training materials and programs are consistently utilized in BRANDS Training. 

4.2.10 Follows Progressive Discipline Guidelines to ensure that all Team Members are disciplined and warned consistently. 

 4.2.11 Conducts timely Performance Appraisals and fairly administers salary changes. 

 4.2.12 Monitors and approve all Operational schedules on time. 

 4.2.13 Analyzes current and future staffing needs for appropriate planning. 

4.2.14 Scrupulously follows all labor laws and manages for equal opportunity. 

 4.3 SALES 

4.3.1 Ensures that all food & beverages is prepared according to recipe and served at the proper temperature and presentation. 

4.3.2 Maintains the The company, Ltd/BRANDS and Health Department standards at all times. 

 4.3.3 Organizes, trains and manages to ensure that proper food handling and cleaning procedures are utilized. 

 4.3.4 Adheres to all Standards of Operational Excellence. 

 4.3.5 When necessary, handles guest complaints with a sense of urgency, poise and good judgment. 

4.3.6 Establishes excellent guest service and satisfaction as a priority through personal example and follow-through. 

 4.3.7 Always looks for opportunities to create superior guests dining experience - Creating Hospitality Around Remarkable Guest Experiences. 


4.4.1 Generates reports for home office and internal use. 

4.4.2 Analyses weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting against budget. 

4.4.3 Maintains and submits monthly labor payroll sheets. 

4.4.4 Seeks improvement to cost infrastructure by finding improved processes. 

4.4.5 Oversees updates and usage of inventory tools, and audits count sheets and End of Month (EOM) reporting. 

4.4.6 Discusses food, beverage, and supplies opportunities from vendors with home office support teams. 

4.4.7 Manages all BRAND standards (grind sheet, line checks, etc.) to ensure that budgeted product goals are met or exceeded while quality standards are maintained. 

4.4.8 Demonstrates a working understanding of labor cost control through effective scheduling and proactive management. 

4.4.9 Effectively identifies financial trends and operational problems by utilizing the P&L and other reports. 

4.4.10 Supervises and Controls financial assets and maintains records. 



5.1.1 Leadership : Coach and develop people, build talent pools. 

5.1.2 Interpersonal : Leverage individual and cultural diversity, build relationships. 

5.1.3 Communication : Foster open communication, write effectively. 

5.1.4 Motivation : Drive for results. 

 5.1.5 Self-Management : Adaptability, inspire trust, career and self-development. 

 5.1.6 Thinking : Drive execution, manage and improve processes. 

 5.1.7 Strategic Management : Analyze issues and develop strategies. 

 5.1.8 Business Knowledge : Industry knowledge. 


5.2.1 Serves great products with great service and a great attitude. 

5.2.2 Projects and assignments are completed thoroughly, professionally and with care in a timely manner. 

5.2.3 Adjusts to high pressure situations and is open to change. 

5.2.4 Assumes responsibility for personal growth and development. 

5.2.5 Conducts themselves (acts & dresses) professionally at all times while setting the standard for all Team Members. 

5.2.6 Understands and communicates the The company, Ltd/BRANDS Mission Statement and Core Values. 

5.2.7 Expresses ideas and conveys information clearly, effectively and professionally. 

5.2.8 Works to resolve disagreements; is respectful of peers and co-workers. 


5.3.1 Strong restaurant operations background. 

5.3.2 Strong Training background. 

5.3.3 Strong communication skills verbal and written. 

5.3.4 Strong proof-reading skills. 

5.3.5 Strong interpersonal skills. Able to communicate with individuals at all levels of the Company. 

5.3.6 Organizational skills-Ability to be organized in a changing environment. 

5.3.7 Ability to maintain a calm professional demeanor during periods of uncertainty or crisis. 

5.3.8 Strong leadership skills 

5.3.9 Possess strong organizational and decision making skills. 

5.3.10 Work well in fast paced setting. 

 5.3.11 Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. 

5.3.12 Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds. 

5.3.13 Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time 

5.3.14 Must have exceptional hygiene and grooming habits 


5.4.1 Minimum of a University degree or College Diploma or equivalent in Hospitality & Tourism 

5.4.2 Minimum of 3 years in full dining restaurant operations, preferably in a middle to senior role and capacity. 

5.4.3 Experienced in managing large numbers of employees, both service and culinary; in a fast paced environment; and cultural diversity. 


5.5.1 These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the General Manager, Head of Operations. 

5.5.2 While performing the responsibilities of the General Manager, Head of Operation: The employee is required to talk and hear. The employee is often required to sit/stand and use their hands and fingers, to handle or feel, walk, reach with arms and hands, climb or balance, and to stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl. Vision abilities required by this job include close vision. The work environment characteristics are representative of the environment the General Manager, Head of Operation will encounter. The employee is occasionally exposed to moving mechanical parts and vehicles and people. The noise level in the work environment is usually to moderate to loud. Stands during the entire shift. Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity and extreme cold. Able to work nights, weekends, and holidays

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