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Language Specialist (Pri English | Sec English | JC GP)

Language Specialist (Pri English | Sec English | JC GP)

EduEdge Learning Hub
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills : teaching 
Experience : 1 to 3 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

Job description

1. Role Purpose

  • As an EduEdge Language Specialist, you are dedicated to helping students who are serious about mastering English, not just improve their grades but acquire and develop language skills which they will need in life and for life.
  • To achieve this, you create the EduEdge Experience for your students by demystifying the learning of English & General Paper (GP), making these subjects Learnable, Understandable and Doable by adopting a Step-by-step, Structured and Systematic approach.
  • You must be passionate about helping students learn English easier, faster and more effectively - the EduEdge Way - just as how they would approach Math and Science by using Formulas.
  • No other centre or programme in Singapore comes close to the number of success stories we have created for students.
  • To date, using our proprietary Formula-Style teaching methodology, our Team has helped more than 2,000 students from over 120 schools improve and achieve their best ever English & GP grade.
  • And we are Singapore’s first and only education company with this unique method.
  • The main difference between exceptional educators (often widely revered as “Super Tutors”) and the average or fly-by-night tutors is their ability to engage in real teaching by simplifying complex concepts (rather than just dish out practice papers for their students to work on).
  • This distinction separates truly competent and confident educators who can help students jump from a ‘F’ grade to an ‘A’ grade, making a real difference to their lives - versus those who just sit back and wait for time to pass while tutoring.
  • And the best part is we have a proven system of training which has transformed individuals from ground zero with minimal or no teaching experience to become formidable Language Specialists who can help their students achieve such fantastic results.
  • If you are serious about becoming a highly respected authority in the education field (essentially transforming students’ lives through transforming their grades) AND are willing to put in the effort x hours to become a real expert, this will be an interesting opportunity for you.
  • DISCLAIMER: This position is for serious individuals / tutors / teachers only. Do NOT apply if you’re “curious” or “just wanting to learn how to teach English”. We only accept applicants who ALREADY know they want to become exceptional Specialist Teachers in the long run and create incredible, long-lasting impact on students.
  • You do not need a lot of experience but you need to have an insatiable desire to want to succeed (become the top 10% in the education industry) and patience to grind over a long period of time to master the true art of teaching. If that’s you, we’d like to speak with you.
  • Here’s a quick overview of our Company.

2. Welcome To The EduEdge Team

  • Our goal is clear.
  • To be Singapore’s and Asia’s most loved and preferred brand in the English Language / General Paper education space by leveraging on relevant technologies while training and nurturing talented individuals.

3. About The Opportunity: What’s In It For You?

  • Invest in your brighter future with us: The Company has exciting plans to make waves (not ripples) in the education industry and you will be part of the pioneering Team to shape this. We believe in building our Success by investing in the growth and Success of our Team Members. As we grow, so do you. (We’ve built a multi-million Company in a short period of time and we’ve big audacious plans in place to develop it into an 8-figure Company over the next 5 years.)
  • Learn and apply our proprietary Formula-Style™ Teaching Methodology and positively impact students’ grades and their lives. (Our proven method has helped over 2,000 students improve to Bs and As in English / GP even though they were previously failing or struggling with the subject.)
  • Design and Deliver effective and engaging lessons that truly adds massive value to students’ learning. Learning English will never be the same under you again. (Imagine your students coming up to you and telling you that “Teacher, I’ve learnt more with you in just 1 lesson than what I’ve learnt in 4 years in school.” Now that’s super fulfilling!)
  • Gain the exposure and first-hand experience of conceptualising, strategising and designing new educational programmes and products (If you are game for it, we’ll even guide you step-by-step to create your own assessment book - that’s a golden opportunity not to be missed!)
  • Be groomed and positioned as one of the top 12 Language Specialists in the private education space (Private teaching / tutoring is often viewed as a dead-end job. With the ecosystem we are building and our strong marking experience, we can enhance your personal brand and make your time and effort worthwhile in this highly competitive industry.)
  • Be mentored personally by the Founders and be exposed to the different aspects of the education business (Those who show potential and are ready to step up their game to the next level can also join the ranks of our Management Team and be handheld to set up their own education centre as well as other aspects of business growth, sales and marketing.)
  • PLUS many other awesome and existing developmental projects and growth opportunities! (too numerous to list here)

4. How We're Grooming Top 10% Talent

  • Mentorship
  • We place a high emphasis on providing ongoing mentorship and close guidance to our talents.
  • Being part of the EduEdge Team means you will be personally mentored by the Founders (with combined experience of over 30 years), as well as your Subject Head and Peers who will invest in your growth to see you succeed.
  • Instead of figuring things out on your own, you will be nurtured within a supportive environment to acquire the critical mindset and skill sets.
  • This greatly accelerates your progress to become an expert in your field.
  • (A rarity in today’s context where most companies provide the bare minimum training for their staff as they are expected to be up and running the moment they are hired.)
  • Structured & Intensive Training
  • The selected few will go through the Apprentice Coaching Programme (ACP) - an exclusive training programme which is specifically designed to help new talents develop the attributes and attitudes (positive, professional and reflective) of an effective educator.
  • Apprentices will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of the 4 main pillars of effective Language Teaching: Curriculum Design, Assessment Feedback, Pedagogy and Student-Centred Learning.
  • On top of that, you will master our proprietary ‘Formula-Style’ Teaching Methodology which is the quintessence of being an EduEdge Language Specialist.
  • More than 1000 hours have been put into designing the ACP and the programme has been continually refined over the past 3 years.
  • Apprentices who have gone through the ACP affirm that the programme is as rigorous, if not better than the National Institute of Education (NIE) training which some of them have received.
  • The ACP training typically lasts 6-12 months with training sessions conducted 1-2 times per week.
  • Different Teams / Divisions will also have ongoing training conducted by their Team Leaders. As a Company, we also come together regularly for Professional Development (PD) training on an almost weekly basis.
  • We even have a Staff Developer who is specially appointed to look into the professional development needs of every Staff.
  • Few companies invest as heavily as we do in our talents but we believe that it is necessary for us to move forward faster and stronger as a Team.
  • Company Structure
  • We know that great ideas can come from anywhere and not just from Staff who are more experienced. That’s why we adopt a flat hierarchy within our organisation.
  • This means your ideas and perspectives will always be valued regardless of seniority.
  • At the same time, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing systems and processes or innovate to add massive value to our students.
  • All members within our Company are invited to initiate projects that solve an existing problem or fill an existing gap.
  • You will be given both the opportunity to be part of a project team as well as to lead a team.
  • Such opportunities help you discover your inner potential as a leader and hone your leadership skills.
  • You’ll also experience a sense of great fulfilment from applying the knowledge you have learnt, executing ideas and seeing your vision come to fruition because of your efforts.
  • Career Progression
  • We adopt a competitive merit-based system with clear progression structure.
  • This means that Staff are evaluated based on their contributions and performance and not simply based on their experience (years of service) that typically defines larger organisations where there are bottlenecks.
  • Some might move faster up the ranks, others might take longer to earn their stripes.
  • We have Staff who have already become Subject Heads / Team Leaders in their mid-20s and are already earning an income that most can only dream of earning in their 30s.
  • How fast and how far they want to grow will depend on their hunger to learn, drive to succeed and immense desire to become a Top Language Specialist. The timeline below is meant as a guide.
  • You will start your journey as an Apprentice on the ACP training. This phase will be focused on helping you develop a reflective and professional attitude, learning what teaching is about and building strong fundamentals. You will also gain a deeper understanding and mastery of EduEdge’s “Formula-Style” Teaching Methodology. (6 months to 1 year)
  • Progression is based on your ability to deliver effective and engaging lessons to students. There are also 3 Learning Checkpoints where you have to clear, each signifying a significant milestone you have attained in your professional mastery.
  • Once you have cleared the ACP training, you will be formally appointed as a Language Specialist. This is where you focus on developing greater independence as a Teacher, further deepening your teaching expertise, while collaborating interdependently with the rest of your Teammates on projects to solve problems.
  • To hone your leadership skills, you will be given the opportunity to lead as Level Coordinators. (1 to 3 years)
  • At this point, you can choose to further develop yourself on the Teaching Track (Master Specialist >> Principal Master Specialist) or move into the Leadership Track (Team Leader >> Subject Head >> Division / Department Head).
  • Key priorities here include developing people (helping others to level up and become independent) and initiating change to achieve organisation growth and effectiveness. (2 to 4 years)
  • Finally, we’ll move talents into higher management positions (Vice-Principal >> Principal / Director) where the priority is to develop other leaders within the organisation and grow & scale the Company through expanding market reach. 
  • Enterprising individuals may also be invited by the Board to set up their own EduEdge education centre and become a Business Owner. (2 to 4 years)

5. Scope of Work

  • Pedagogy
  • Design and teach valid, effective and engaging lessons based on the EduEdge (EE) Methodology. You’ll learn what makes a lesson impactful and interesting for students, how to hold their attention and what are the right questions to ask to develop their thinking skills.
  • This is the MOST important skill you will need to develop to be an amazing Language Specialist.
  • We’ve seen many talented individuals who came into the teaching industry full of passion but failing miserably all because they have not been properly taught how to teach, even in many formal settings.
  • Lesson Planning
  • For a start, you will reverse engineer lessons you have observed on a weekly basis to get yourself up to speed with how a teacher thinks and talks when delivering an effective lesson.
  • Your lesson plans will be vetted and scrutinised by our Staff Developer / Subject Head so that you can receive customised feedback. Be prepared to re-write sections of the lesson plans or even full lesson plans until you are able to internalise the structure of a winning lesson in your mind.
  • The reason why students enjoy coming for our lessons is because they are delivered in a clear, easy-to-follow and structured way. You will discover how to employ “Precision Teaching” in the EE Lesson Plans which is much more effective than the usual ways of writing lesson plans traditionally taught to teachers.
  • Assessment Feedback
  • You will provide timely, accurate feedback to students based on the EE Methodology and recommend actionable steps for their improvement so that they grow from strength to strength.
  • We have a precise way of giving personalised feedback to students where they can witness improvements in as quickly as one to two assignments when they act upon the given feedback.

You’ll learn these all.

  • NOTE: The scope tasks are deliberately designed to be extremely narrow at the start so that you can develop deep expertise. Many teachers in school are often stretched and spread too thinly because of many other responsibilities (e.g. CCA, committee duties, never-ending paperwork) assigned to them. The end result? Not being able to focus to achieve breakthroughs in their teaching skills.
  • Here, we give talents the space and time to hone their craft and achieve mastery - a very rare golden opportunity for the right candidate.

6. Key Requirements

  • Good command of the English Language - minimum grade: O-Level English (A1 or A2) or A-Level General Paper (B)
  • At least a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised education institute
  • Passionate about language teaching
  • Sincere about about supporting students wholeheartedly to achieve their fullest potential
  • Prior experience in tutoring / teaching will be a plus point and not a prerequisite but must be willing to be coached in EE’s proprietary teaching method and system
  • Must be able to commit Full-Time (no side hustle)
  • Able to commit long-term (3-5 years) to achieve teaching mastery and learn from highly sought-after industry experts

7. Who Will Be The Right Talent For Our Team

  • Go-getters - People who aspire to be the top 10% in their field and have the clarity of what they want to achieve to become an education expert.
  • Long-term thinkers - Willing to put in the hard work and understands that sacrifices are necessary especially at the beginning stage of their career in order to achieve a high level of mastery to be the best. 3 to 5 years is the minimum length of time necessary for anyone to develop deep mastery and accumulate real skill assets for their career. If you are looking for a short term stint to learn and go, this is not for you.
  • Hunger to Succeed - People who want to create something bigger than themselves. Our Company has ambitious goals to achieve fast growth both locally and overseas. If you see tutoring or the tuition industry as just a dead-end job or another extra source of part-time income, then this is not for you.
  • Helping others Succeed - Demonstrate that you can be both a Team Player as well as a Leader. Someone who understands the fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed (no prima-donna attitude). Rather than see additional tasks or more work responsibilities as a chore, they see these as valuable opportunities for learning and growing themselves professionally.
  • Solution-focused Mindset - Here to solve problems with the Team and not become part of the problem. We have a zero tolerance policy for office politics and drama queens. Many EduEdge Staff look forward to coming to the work because of the positive and supportive Company Culture we have fostered. We cherish this culture and we all play a part to preserve it.

8. Remuneration

  • All Candidates will undergo a 6-12 month ACP training to get them up to speed from ground zero to become a credible Language Specialist.
  • Successful candidates at the end of the training programme will be offered a full-time 3-year contract as a Language Specialist with EduEdge.
  • 1) During ACP Training Period: $1500 to $2500 (training allowance)
  • 2) Upon confirmation & appointment as a full-fledged Language Specialist: $2700 to $4200* (salary)
  • *Package depends on Apprentice’s learning attitude and performance during the ACP training phase
  • Full-time appointment will be awarded at the end of the training period
  • 3-year full-time contract, renewable upon completion
  • Note: After confirmation, your performance will be regularly reviewed and you will continue to receive coaching on your performance. Staff Members who have contributed positively to the Company’s Growth can look towards a much faster progression rate and higher salary increment as compared to most other companies. But you need to prove your mettle to the Company first.

9. Working Hours

  • This is a full-time position but with semi flexi-work hours. Teaching Staff are required to be in the office only when they have classes or to attend meetings and training.
  • Most are clocking only around 28-hour work week in the office, while working the remaining 12-14 hours from home.
  • Typical working hours: Mon / Fri: 4.30 pm to 9 pm, Wed: 2 pm to 5 pm, Sat / Sun*: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • *one of the weekends will be a shorter day
  • Address: 301 Serangoon Avenue 2 Singapore 550301 (6 to 8 mins walk from NEX / Serangoon / Lorong Chuan MRT)
  • deal Previous Experience or Similar Positions for Language Specialist could include and would be
  • MOE School Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • English Tutor
  • Lecturer
  • Curriculum Writer
  • Curriculum Developer

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