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Lead Cloud Architect

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Lead Cloud Architect

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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
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Job Detail

Who we are?

Searce is a niche’ Cloud Consulting business with futuristic tech DNA. We do new-age tech to realise the “Next” in the “Now” for our Clients. We specialise in Cloud Data Engineering, AI/Machine Learning and Advanced Cloud infra tech such as Anthos and Kubernetes. We are one of the top & the fastest growing partners for Google Cloud and AWS globally with over 2,500 clients successfully moved to cloud.

What do we believe?

  • Best practices are overrated

○ Implementing best practices can only make one n .
  • Honesty and Transparency

○ We believe in naked truth. We do what we tell and tell what we do.
  • Client Partnership

○ Client - Vendor relationship: No. We partner with clients instead.

○ And our sales team comprises 100% of our clients.

How do we work?

It’s all about being Happier first. And rest follows. Searce work culture is defined by HAPPIER.
  • Humble: Happy people don’t carry ego around. We listen to understand; not to respond.
  • Adaptable: We are comfortable with uncertainty. And we accept changes well. As that’s what life's about.
  • Positive: We are super positive about work & life in general. We love to forget and forgive. We don’t hold grudges. We don’t have time or adequate space for it.
  • Passionate: We are as passionate about the great street-food vendor across the street as about Tesla’s new model and so on. Passion is what drives us to work and makes us deliver the quality we deliver.
  • Innovative: Innovate or Die. We love to challenge the status quo.
  • Experimental: We encourage curiosity & making mistakes.
  • Responsible: Driven. Self motivated. Self governing teams. We own it.

Are you the one? Quick self-discovery test:
  • Love for cloud: When was the last time your dinner entailed an act on “How would ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ pitch Cloud platform & products to this prospect” and your friend did the ‘Sheldon’ version of the same thing.
  • Passion for sales: When was the last time you went at a remote gas station while on vacation, and ended up helping the gas station owner saasify his 7 gas stations across other geographies.
  • Compassion for customers: You listen more than you speak. When you do speak, people feel the need to listen.
  • Humor for life: When was the last time you told a concerned CEO, ‘If Elon Musk can attempt to take humanity to Mars, why can’t we take your business to run on cloud ?

So, what are we hunting for ?
  • Have you done infrastructure modernization for digital natives, ISVs & Fintechs?
  • Solution designed migration plans for 42,000U loaded businesses to GCP or AWS?
  • Have you tandem-jumped at least 50 times taking along a trusted business having on-prem workloads to safe-land onto a public cloud with a soft touchdown?
    • Do you understand the innards of Apache web servers on Linux and Sharepoint Server Farms alike?
    • Do you speak CloudFormation? Terraform? Do you listen to JSON?
    • Do you love automating everything possible leveraging Python / Powershell / Bash?
  • Are you a voracious reader keenly interested in the greatest innovations on the public cloud?

If yes to all of the above, please continue to read further…

Accomplishment Set

We welcome *really unconventional* creative thinkers who can work in an agile, flexible environment..
  • This is a technology leadership position that challenges the client status quo by helping them re-imagine the art of what is possible using a tech consultative mindset.
  • This position requires fanatic iterative improvement ability - ability to architect a solution, code, research, code more, research more and code some more, rebuild and re-architect, you get the drift.
  • This position is for hard-core-linux-geek-turned-infra-engineer-turned-cloud engineer-turned-passionate-cloud-architect | waiting to be turned into an intrapreneur that drives transformation initiatives.

What we are NOT looking for: Buzzword Bozos (BB) or Certification Chasers (CC).

Not just a BB or CC? Quick self-discovery test:

When was the last time you thought about how GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) can
  • help auto-create new building designs for an architect or new jewellery designs for a designer OR
  • passionately articulated to an HR team, that Google Video Intelligence API or AWS Rekognition can now auto-video-screen an applicant with 90+% confidence level almost automating 75+% efforts of a recruiter, OR
  • leverage Google Vision API to onboard customers 2x faster for an insurance company?

If this is what you constantly get blamed for & your friends have made a comic strip for you on xkcd, you are probably the right-fit for what we are looking for.

Your Bucket Of Undertakings

This position will be responsible to partner with Google Cloud/ AWS SEA team and Searce Cloud Consulting teams to help futurify client’s business.
  • Whiteboard client’s current infrastructure environment and propose architectural solutions to help move & improve infra from on-premise to cloud.
  • Propose solutions to optimize cloud spend from one public cloud to the other.
  • Be the first one to experiment on new age cloud offerings, help define the best practises for cloud, automation & Dev-Ops, be a solution visionary and technology expert across multiple channels.
  • Continually augment skills and learn new tech as the technology and client needs evolve.
  • Use your experience in Google cloud platform, AWS or Microsoft Azure to build hybrid-cloud solutions for customers. Define reusable components, frameworks, common schemas, standards & tools to be used.
  • Manage project teams, and facilitate the definition of project deliverables around core Cloud based technology and methods.
  • Define tracking mechanisms and ensure IT standards and methodology are met; deliver quality results.
  • Participate in technical reviews of requirements, designs, code and other artifacts
  • Create SoWs, technical project roadmaps, etc required for successful execution of projects leveraging Technical Scoping & Solutioning approach.

Education, Experience, Etc.
  • Is Education overrated? Yes. We believe so. However there is no way to locate you otherwise. So unfortunately we might have to look for a Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering from a reputed institute unless you have been programming from the age of 12. And the latter is better. We will find you faster if you specify the latter in some manner. And a word of caution - we are not too enthused by 20+ cloud or tech certifications... :)
  • To reiterate: Passion to tech-awesome, insatiable desire to learn the latest of the new-age cloud tech, highly analytical aptitude and a strong ‘desire to deliver’ outlives those fancy degrees!
  • 5 - 8years of experience with at least 2 - 4 years of hands-on experience in Cloud Computing (AWS/GCP/Azure) and IT operational experience in a global enterprise environment.
  • Good analytical, communication, problem solving, and learning skills.
  • Knowledge on programming against cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and lean development methodologies.

A Quick Self-discovery Test Below
  • How you treat yourself & others?
    • You listen more than you speak. When you do speak, people feel the need to listen.
    • You have ‘one’ life - no work life or personal life. You are the same at both places.
    • You are generally happy and passionate about life. When shit does happen you know how to tell your heart ‘All is well’.
    • You are compassionate to yourself, you love your work, your company, and are generally a person that people like to be around.
  • How you work & live?
    • You make difficult & complex decisions in an environment filled with lack of well defined constraints and uncertainty.
    • You are able to admit to your team that you were shit scared while making those decisions.
    • You are able to juggle conflicting priorities and remain composed as the client keeps on changing requirements. :)
    • You are genuinely passionate about developing great software, learning a lot, helping others learn and having loads of fun while doing so.
  • What you love?
    • You love things. You are passionate. You care for yourself, family, country and Big Bang Theory (and this is a must!).
    • You love to organize, index, and improve things around you - Yes you are Sheldon’ish’ at times and ‘Leonard’ish’ the other times.
    • You are passionate about improving processes and you truly feel satisfied by making things better.
    • You love Google. And AWS. And Terraform. And CI - CD pipelines. And linux.

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