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Social Media Marketing Manager

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Social Media Marketing Manager

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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

Ideal Candidate:

  • Advanced English
  • Anime and Manga fanatic!
  • Graphic design!
  • Think engagement and customer satisfaction, & promoting NOT only follower growth!
  • Strong report building and analytic thinking

EcchiToons Social Media Manager will be responsible for the execution and continuous improvement of the social strategy, focusing primarily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The role will require management of the accounts to deliver top-performing and on brand creative across the core channels. You will have some assistance from designers/social team members depending on your skills.

You'll need to be highly creative and an incredible storyteller, using skills you have to enforce the EcchiToons brand narrative and nurture leads through social media content.

This role is for organic social media management only, paid social and PPC is not included in this role tasks. We are not looking for people with PPC experience, as we already have a dedicated PPC manager.

Job Details: 

This is a fully remote, contract position paid via bank transfer monthly (no PayPal, Payoneer erc). There is also the potential to take on more than just social media if you have skills in other areas of marketing.

We don’t require you to be anywhere in particular or care where you're from or where you live.

You must either be a Digital Marketing specialist with a passion for Social Media OR a social media specialist.

Here are some of the things you'll be doing:

  • Managing all social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter channels
  • Growing the social following on all of their accounts. How you do it is where your knowledge and skills are crucial
  • Lead creative social campaigns and produce fantastic and engaging content to their platforms
  • Doing the rounds on socials, following relevant accounts, liking and commenting on posts, etc
  • Supporting the community by answering questions and queries
  • Reaching out and building communities. Again, how you do it is where your expertise lies
  • Track & monitor performance, and analyse, review, and report on the effectiveness of campaigns and posts to maximize results
  • Define the content calendar in line with key events and marketing objectives
  • Schedule content using Agora 
  • Improve visibility and advocacy of our products on social media and other peer to peer forums
  • Develop the social media strategy
  • Monitor performance across channels using tools such Facebook Insights and Instagram Insights, and Google Analytics
  • Link this back to sales data
  • Continuous innovation in channel strategy and tactics to reach and engage the target audience
  • Creative Copy 

Daily Tasks

Below, you can find a checklist that you MUST use in order to fulfill all daily delegated tasks. Please use it and stick to it. 

  • Check and respond to as per the Social Media SOP all comments on all socials
  • Check and respond to as per the Social Media SOP all DM's on all socials
  • Check that all scheduled posts and any automation worked as expected 
  • Check the performance of the account and the performance of yesterday's posts
  • Two-story posts per platform daily

Weekly Tasks

You are required every Monday to submit a one-two paragraph recap of the previous week in the BaseCamp Marketing Team Check-in, including the performance of the account with the follower and engagement rate metrics (see KPI's for details)

Scheduling 7 posts for each platform for the next week

KPI's and Monthly Report

A monthly report must be uploaded here on the 5th of the month, detailing the last months' performance, the SOP for this is detailed below. Ideally, generating these metrics should be automated by AgoraPulse or another appropriate software.


A one-two paragraph overview of last month's performance.

Engagement Metrics

Engagement Rate = total engagements per post (likes + comments + shares + saved) / reach per post * 100

In other words: 1000 / 10000 * 100 = 10%

To determine the average, add up all the Engagement Rates from the posts you want to average, and divide by a number of posts:

Average ERR = Total ERR / Total posts

In other words: Post 1 (3.4%) + Post 2 (3.5%) / 2 = 3.45%

Average Number of:

  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Saves 


  • Follower increase in numbers and as a percentage
  • Total number of followers

Post Metrics

  • Number of posts created by members (applies to groups)
  • Number of posts specifically designed for lead capture, and the results

Traffic and Users

  • Traffic driven to the app download, landing pages, and The Otaku Box site from social media
  • Number of user sign-ups driven via social media


  • Which new ideas were introduced that month and whether they were effective
  • What changes will be made in the upcoming month based on results/data

Support provided for this role

  • VA support is subject to discussion and must be approved by the CMO
  • Graphic department (ideal for you to create your own graphics)
  • Marketing team: for collaboration and coordination on ideas when needed
  • Guidance from the CMO and/or their EA

Access required for this role

  • Admin access should never be given for anything.
  • Access to the Marketing folder in Tresorit
  • Access to the Marketing Team in Basecamp
  • Access to AgoraPulse
  • Access to all social media accounts 
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager access: property management access for everything except user management

Here’s what we’re NOT looking for:

  • Someone who will do the bare minimum and is just at their job for a paycheck
  • Someone who cannot create an impressive copy in proper English 

Here’s what we ARE looking for:

  • Someone who can get behind the company vision and cares about driving results
  • Someone who takes pride in the work they do
  • Someone who can take initiative and is not scared to put their ideas out there

Here is what you already need to have experience with (all are required):

  • A good understanding of direct-to-consumer
  • Solid experience in a social media environment
  • A proven track record of growing social media and lead nurturing through social media

Working at EcchiToons:

  • This is a real job. Not a side hustle, or gig.
  • For immediate start. Full-time employees only 8h per day, 40h per week Monday - Friday JST
  • Fully remote position. We operate as a distributed team and can work from anywhere
  • Hardware & software if/as needed
  • Free edition every month - to understand and fall in love with the product (guaranteed)
  • Agreement
  • Lots of bonuses based on your performance and goals 

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