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Software Engineer Consultant

Software Engineer Consultant

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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills : Programming  Java  JavaScript 
Experience : 5 to 7 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

We are hiring a senior software engineer to join our team. This role is for our distributed team, who normally operates within the +8 UTC (Cebu) to +10 UTC (Sydney) time zones. We are currently opening this role to Software Engineers in the Asia Pacific Region. 

As a senior software engineer, you will help us build our telecommunications products which are being used by customers globally. We want to empower small and medium businesses to offer telecommunications products in a way that they can compete with big companies. If you are interested in working on this mission, please join us.

What You Will Be Doing

A senior in our engineering team, will have the following functions:

  • End-to-end responsibility for a component or service in our software system
  • Understand problems and find solutions to business concerns
  • Provide positive influence and leadership (technical initiatives) in our department
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to members across many engineering teams
  • Assess and provide constructive feedback to improve work results, way of work, and standards in the software department
  • Effectively manage and resolve conflicts across software development teams
  • Contribute to the development of organizational policies, standards, and guidelines, for software development
  • Analyze and assess design decisions, trade-offs, and risks from both a technical and business perspective
  • Analyze patterns and trends to anticipate and prevent problems in our production systems, and advise on security, licensing, performance, and other technical aspects of production systems
  • Contribute to planning on infrastructure sizing and design and to maintaining policies on implementing infrastructure changes in our production environment (Amazon Web Services)
  • Work with product managers and technical leads to assess and develop a technology roadmap for our systems In addition, a software engineer, will have the following functions:
  • Design, implement, and test new features in accordance to our quality standards
  • Perform preventive maintenance, improvements, and refactoring on our existing code base
  • Understand and model business domains that comprise our system (e.g. FAX, SMS, billing, etc.)
  • Investigate and create proofs of concepts, such as in using external services, APIs, and libraries
  • Monitor, maintain, and resolve problems in our production systems and support our customers’ inquiries and issues
  • Maintain and develop infrastructure (e.g. set up applications, pipelines, and databases) in our staging and production environments on Amazon Web Services
  • As part of our distributed team, the following are expected:
  • Establish a working space and infrastructure to effectively participate in a distributed environment
  • Schedule work on a daily basis with a minimum of 4 hours overlap with the rest of the team
  • Use a stable, high-quality Internet access for video conferencing
  • Able to join a video conference during working hours

Who You Are

We are looking for someone with the following qualification:

  • With at least the equivalent of 5 years work experience, in any programming language, in building software systems
  • Strong background in Java development for web services
  • Experience in frameworks such as Spring Boot and frontend development using JavaScript frameworks like Angular is an advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience in scalable database design, data modeling, and test-driven development
  • Experience in using cloud services and APIs, preferably with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Administration and shell usage of Linux-based systems (CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Understanding of common Internet protocols (HTTP, DNS, etc.) and usage of networking software such as SSH and curl is an advantage.
  • Knowledge in best practices for object-oriented programming (SOLID principles, etc.) and architectural, design, and code patterns
  • With strong communication skills, openness to new ideas, resourceful, and eager to continuously learn
  • As part of a distributed team, the following qualifications are required:
  • Self-discipline and good work ethics
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Good time management and ability to minimize distractions

What We Offer

  • An environment of a sports team that is there to coach each other while being performant
  • A software engineering culture that strives to build high quality software
  • An organization of autonomous teams, exploring and trying out solutions in a safe environment
  • A place for you to learn, practice, develop yourself, and contribute to something meaningful
  • A front seat at a fast growing, global company with a lot of opportunities in software and technology with exposure in telecommunications and web
  • Flexibility and a wide array of health and well-being incentives to keep you balanced
  • An opportunity to work with some of the best and smartest people around

About Our Software Team

At Synacy, we develop our own products. Our founders, product teams, engineering teams, and customer support teams are all part of the same company, co-located in our offices (mainly in Cebu and Manila) and work closely together to develop products that delight our customers.

Our software team is composed of 3 to 5 cross-functional members and is designed to be complete and responsible for delivering complete features to users. We expect our engineers to be not just writing code, but to participate in the entire process from investigating problems, designing solutions, and implementing them into features our users will love. In addition, we have a leadership team that is composed of team leads, product managers, and engineering managers, that work together in leading the entire software group.

We use a goal-oriented product roadmap to keep all our teams aligned, which is updated in a weekly cycle by the leadership team. Further, we maintain a corresponding release plan based on a monthly release cycle, where we break down features into sizeable chunks that our teams can work with as little inter-team dependency as possible.

Our teams apply an agile process of weekly planning, retrospectives, daily check-in, pair programming, and use Trello to visualize our progress. All our code is version controlled in Github and all code changes go through a peer-review process.

We have a continuous delivery pipeline, using CircleCI and CloudFormation, and perform deployment using automated tools in our AWS production site. We built most of our automation tools and we expect all our engineers to participate in maintaining our development tools, delivery pipelines, and production sites.

Our teams are encouraged to spend time developing their knowledge and skills so they stay relevant in their field. We have self-initiated learning sessions and allocate time in weekly sprints for learning activities.

About Our Distributed Team

We have distributed teams as part of our software group wherein all members of the team work remotely. Though it is an option for distributed team members to work in one of our offices in Cebu or Manila, it is expected of everyone to effectively participate in a distributed or remote-first environment.

Teams work full-time in a remote working environment wherein members are not expected to be in the same physical space. However, there are a few scheduled in-person get-togethers to strengthen the team’s relationship. Work schedule is flexible with an overlap of 4 hours a day of working together. Communication and documentation are primarily done using online channels.

Our leadership team works in a distributed environment and operates primarily using online channels. Though some of our feature teams are on-site in our offices, we have made adjustments so that both distributed and on-site teams can effectively work together. Work structure is the same for both distributed and on-site teams and follow the same principles and frameworks we defined in our engineering culture. 

Every member of a distributed team is responsible for creating the working conditions to effectively participate in a distributed environment. Similar to how our company is obliged to create good working conditions in our office space, every distributed team member is obliged to create a similar space wherever he/she chooses to work.

The company will provide the primary equipment for working at the same level as teams working on-site in an office, either at full cost or subsidized in accordance to the general policy of our company. Other than this, every member of the team is expected to establish the space, equipment, and infrastructure for their own use to achieve their ideal working conditions. 

We do not offer training for anyone to be qualified for distributed work and expect members to independently prepare and be ready to be part of a distributed team.

About The Company

Synacy is a global company developing software products in the Philippines using international best practices and delivering them to our customers around the world. We aim to help businesses be competitive in a consolidating telecommunications and technology market and give them access to opportunities that until now only large companies can realize.

We believe the best results for end users and customers come from having a number of various companies providing the best to service them. We want to enable them to thrive by providing the infrastructure and tools for them to sell new telecom products and enhance the value they deliver to their customers.

Though we are based in the Philippines, our founders are originally from Australia and we have a diverse and multinational leadership team, bringing in perspectives from different backgrounds and cultures. We continuously learn from each other to become better at what we do.

Our company offers our products under a few brands. At UTBox, Monopond, and BurstFax, we offer fax and SMS messaging products available globally for retail and wholesale use. We also founded an internet service provider to accelerate the internet in the Philippines called RISE. At RISE, we offer competitive fiber-based internet access to businesses located in major cities in the country.

It is our intent to form a globally competitive organization. We believe talented and remarkable people are found anywhere in the world. At the moment, we have most of our teams co-located in our offices in the Philippines. However, we don’t limit our reach here and are forming a remote-first culture within our organization so we can offer the opportunity to current and new members to work wherever they are productive.

A few of our strategies:

  • Software and automation is at our core. We believe in efficient, resilient, and scalable approach. Work smarter not harder, so that when you work hard you are working smart.
  • To our customers, we want to offer a complete service in an integrated package.
  • We have taken the challenge of integrating with many telecommunication providers in the world and aggregated our customer traffic to offer a consistent quality at the best possible price.

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