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Crossover for Work
Remote (Asia Time Zone Permitted)

Software Engineer (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

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Software Engineer (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

Crossover for Work
  • Remote (Asia Time Zone Permitted)
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
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Job Detail

Do you ever feel like you're the only person on your team that has high standards for code quality? Do you get frustrated when remedial code gets committed to your codebases? Do you long for awesome specs, so you can just focus on writing code?

If you are the best software developer on your team, this is the place to fast-track your career in software architecture and engineering. You will contribute to products across multiple domains, unlike the typical role where you are sticky-assigned to a single product or feature.

You will learn about dozens of products and cloud technologies, refining and applying your skills on a daily basis, and building on top of the full suite of AWS services. We engineer our products to the highest quality standards, including 100% unit test coverage.

Joining us is a great career move! Our management track is very different from the rest of the industry - we promote our best developers to management to use their technical expertise, not to do boring HR stuff. You’ll have room to grow… your way!

What You Will Be Doing

Writing code! From scratch. New features, new APIs, and 16X performance enhancements - you’ll get a spec and start coding. We expect code that is great, no debate - any decent architect in the world should agree that your code is great.

What You Won’t Be Doing

Fixing other peoples’ code. You won’t debug for a living. Sure, we expect you to test and debug your own code, but you won’t be working through an endless queue of bad code from other developers.

Software Engineer Key Responsibilities

You will focus on three major areas: feature development, API development, and performance improvements. You’ll implement specs from all three areas, and across a hundred products in our portfolio. This job is never dull, because you’re always learning new technologies and new products.

Basic Requirements

  • Expert coder in Java, JavaScript, C++ or C#
  • Full stack developer, including mastery of SQL and modern front end technologies
  • Strong Software Architecture Expertise - you are a systems thinker who understands how each feature fits into the overall design.
  • You can make architectural decisions and document the rationale
  • Quick Learner. Pick up new products, technologies, and programming languages every week
  • Hands-on experience using mocking frameworks to create unit tests with 100% code coverage
  • Ability to work with a structured and disciplined approach - we aim for the highest quality the first time and every time, no “hacking”

Nice-to-have Requirements
  • A university degree (BS, MS, or PhD) that included in-depth study of data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, and software engineering
  • Experience with cloud, docker and K8s environments
  • Track record of delivering high-quality software based on written specs

About Crossover

Crossover has been a pioneer of the remote work model since our inception in 2010 - helping thousands of people find great work opportunities. We focus on full-time, long-term work - not short-term "gigs" or freelancing side jobs. Most of our positions are within a large and growing portfolio of software companies. Since we focus on remote work, our openings can be filled globally and pay standardized compensation rates, regardless of where you choose to live.

Join the thousands of professionals that have partnered with Crossover to explore new opportunities and find their dream job. Go to to read their stories. Better yet, write your own story!

What to expect next:
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  • Our hiring platform will guide you through a series of online “screening” assessments to check for basic job fit, job-related skills, and finally a few real-world job-specific assignments.
  • You will be paired up with one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step.

Important! If you do not receive an email from us:
  • First, emails may take up to 15 minutes to send, refresh and check again.
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  • Third, we will send to whatever email account you indicated on the Apply form - by default, that is the email address you use as your LinkedIn username and it might be different than the one you have already checked.
  • If all else fails, just visit directly, search for this job, and click “Apply”. You will be prompted to reset your password if you already applied using LinkedIn EasyApply.
Crossover Job Code: LJ-3889-PH-NCRNatio-SoftwareEngine.020

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