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Staff Software Engineer

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Staff Software Engineer
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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills :
Experience : 3 to 5 years
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This is an opportunity for an experienced software engineer to influence our product and culture as an early member of the engineering team. You might be a good fit if you enjoy building thoughtful products that empower its users in the consumer data / research space.

This role can grow into a managerial path or further IC (individual contributor) based on your interests but for the short term it will be an IC role.

We care that

  • You want to work on architecting and building the platform for the next 600MM rising consumers in ASEAN to influence the product and service features of the businesses they buy from.
  • You enjoy working within challenging constraints, like targeting phones with low power / memory, handling spotty 3G internet connections, and still making sure the app / platform is snappy and a delight to use.
  • You care about balancing efficiency with resiliency. Software should be efficient, but not without slack to handle for black swan events.
  • You have strong opinions, loosely held, on best practices for the development and delivery of software. We currently use a slightly altered version of Basecamp's Shape Up, and a "deploy on commit to main branch" model, which is a variant of Gitflow, but we're very open to changing processes.
  • You are data-driven and/or are comfortable with basic statistical principles and applying them to datasets.
  • You are comfortable working in teams, or on your own, and not afraid to be honest when you don’t know something (We encourage saying “I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out!”). We are default-remote, so we heavily rely on our team being proactive to call out potential problems they can see.
  • You have experience configuring and deploying stuff in the cloud (ideally Firebase / AWS /, but other equivalents are good too).

We don’t care

  • If you don’t have a degree
  • How many years of work experience you have
  • How old you are
  • What dev environment you run
  • What languages you currently code in, but below is our stack

Our stack for reference

  • Frontend - Vue.js & Nuxt.js
  • Backend - TypeScript on Node.js & some Deno here and there, Apollo GraphQL
  • Serverless - AWS Lambda & Cloudflare Workers
  • Mobile - Flutter
  • Database - MongoDB, Redis, Dgraph
  • DevOps - AWS,,

Plus points

  • You worked with Flutter / Vue.js / Node.js / GraphQL / MongoDB before
  • You have written a test for one of your software projects before
  • You comment / write documentation for your codes (at least minimally)
  • You have some experience with UIUX design (not to work as a designer, but have an idea of what looks good and what doesn't)
  • You have played around with Natural Language Programming / Natural Language Understanding algorithms / systems before

Extra plus points: (If any of these describe you, apply NOW. We definitely want you.)

  • You have delivered production-ready flutter application(s) that works well on iOS, Android and Web, even on low-end devices / spotty internet connection*
  • You have built application(s) that can handle 1000s req/s without breaking a sweat*
  • You can argue for when an NLP solution should use naive Bayes over word2vec and/or doc2vec*
  • You can succinctly explain the difference between and Function.prototype.bind() in JS (Googling it now is fine too :D)
  • You enjoy reading IETF RFCs (or W3C working drafts) in your free time (We will ask about this, so don’t cheat!)

* We'd love for you to bring this up during your interview

Salary Range: MYR 10-14k


Our mission is to make consumer insights accessible to everyone; effectively democratising consumer research previously only available to large organisations.

Our proprietary consumer research platform empowers companies with actionable data, helping them to make the most informed decisions. Throughout the years, we've reduced the average time to data from 1 month to as little as 24 hours, allowing companies to leverage on research for smaller campaigns, becoming even more data-driven. Since then, our platform has been enhanced with suggested insights to help companies gain a deeper understanding of the data that they've collected and our speed and reach allow our clients; from rising startups like Carsome to local brands like Digi and multinationals like Coca-Cola, to do monthly and even weekly research.

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