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Tech Lead

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Tech Lead

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Job Type : Full-Time
Education Requirement : Bachelor Degree
Skills : English (Fluent)  Communication skills 
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Work Days : Monday To Friday
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Job Detail

If your dream job is helping engineering teams to grow and face great challenges, while owning all aspects of the software, working in a culture of feedback and constant learning, and memes are also part of your language, Streamloots has the perfect position for you.

Your mission within Streamloots will be to inspire and lead engineers from different squads. With the possibility of working 100% remotely, you will be employed by an international and fast-growth start-up where all team members wish to aid creators to turn their passions into livelihoods. If you are an energetic and lively individual who can encourage their team to face new and interesting challenges while ensuring that all technical deliverables are of the best possible quality, this is for you!

To know more about StreamLoots, please click on this link to check our mission statement and values: the two fundamental pillars upon which we base our business culture and daily routine. 

The following is a list of all the contributions and impacts

in different areas that you will have:


As Tech Lead

  • Own all aspects of the software: You will build, test, and kill or scale prototypes of solutions before we commit to full investments.
  • Lead with your best practices: As a leader you will focus on teaching, promoting, providing, and enhancing best practices. Thus, you will help your team members to enjoy their daily work raising their expertise and confidence, increasing the quality of their performance, and being proud of their deliveries and creations.
  • Your opinion is important: Together with the CTO's and the rest of the team's, your opinion will be key to make decisions about our technological architecture and programming language.
  • Collaboration with all departments: You will work along with our CPO, CTO and PM in planning and prioritizing the Product and OKRs, which will also allow you to learn from their expertise.
  • Become a reference: We will help you to become an external reference in the field, adding value to tech talent networks, and hence allowing us to attract the best people for our team.

As part of the team

  • Understand how we function: We believe in internal development and promotion, and in the expertise that we have accumulated with our current team. For this reason, during the first three months, you will dedicate 50% of the time to contribute to the production of code and developing our core technology.
  • Lead by example: After this period, you will be expected to know and perfectly understand the processes and architectures we currently follow, and to have earned the team's credibility as an engineer and role model. Then you will work in this area only 30% of the time.

As a manager

  • Manage strategically: You will track team performance metrics because, as you know, what is not measured cannot be improved. Thus, as a manager, this is your chance to give feedback and make decisions to ensure the alignment of the team with the agreed strategy.
  • Own the growth of the team: You will responsible for identifying and making decisions on what profiles are needed to build a great Tech team. You will lead the recruitment and the onboarding of our technology team members, ensuring that everyone who joins our company is the best possible fit for the role.
  • After the first 3 months: Once you know the technology, processes, teams, and company, you will become in charge of developing and facilitating solutions, organizing training sessions, and helping shape career paths by coaching team members to grow into strong leaders and aim for excellence.
  • Lead a committed team: Leading practices will involve one to ones, setting OKRs, and constant feedback to develop and stablish an engaged and committed team. For further reference on this subject and to expand your knowledge, we recommend you read the following books: The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo and Measure What Matters by John Doerr.

To summarize: How will your first days in Streamloots be?

First month: For the first few weeks, we will make sure you know your impact on the team and the business, and you will learn everything there is to know about the team, the business, and our processes. Please note that remote onboarding due to COVID-19 is not an issue.

First-quarter: Little by little, you will begin to have one to ones with the CTO, who will oversee your professional and personal advancement. Furthermore, you will participate in the meetings and processes that you will lead later. You will not be expected to lead from the very beginning since we understand that you will have to take some time first to adapt yourself to the team and the processes to lead them.

From then on: After this process, you will become a role model who will inspire the rest of the team in their development, and who will help them to achieve their career goals. Streamloots will challenge you to increase your impact on the company. Similarly, as you will do with the teams, we will work to help you enjoy yourself at work. We expect you to train and share your knowledge with others and change streamers' lives! :D


What will make you successful in your mission:

Experience and skills:

  • +5 years of experience as a full-stack or back-end software engineer. Being familiar with node.js is a great extra, but we are open to any kind of stack. It is important that you can learn, understand, and develop great practices aligned with our technical challenges.
  • Knowledge of technological trends, strategic thinking, and ability to prioritize. In other words, being a role model for the rest of the team.
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning. We want to become a self-managed and autonomous team, so we need to understand our impacts on the business.
  • +2 years of experience leading technology projects or teams in the startup environment. We will face very demanding challenges, and we are looking for someone who walks the talk with a clear leadership mindset and excellent organizational abilities. Interest in personal development, values, and principles.
  • Knowledge of good practices in development, and their implementation in team structure, processes, improvements, and delivery. The company is amidst a business culture change and we want to help each team achieve the highest possible performance. Hence, we are looking for someone who also believes in this working method.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills and ability to deal with complexity. Proactivity and self-leadership are becoming two keywords in our everyday conversations.
  • Native or fluent in English. Lately, more native English people have joined our company in various areas. Therefore, we are looking for someone who is native English or very fluent in the language. Additionally, it would be helpful if you also knew Spanish.


What we offer: 

  • Open-remote company: This means that team members can work from wherever they want. Therefore, you will be able to choose if you want to work in the office or not. Moreover, it also means that all processes need to be thought of as if we had no office and everyone was working remotely. No one should feel like an outsider since all conversations will happen through Slack or Zoom/Hangouts.
  • The quarter meetups: Once every quarter (once COVID-19 allows it), we will all gather in Valencia to work together. We will try to make it happen during the week when the company and team KRs are defined.
  • Revolutionize an industry with tech and data-oriented solutions. We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue by interacting with their fans via Streamloots. We are funded by leading global tech investors, including Bessemer.
  • Competitive salary and stock option plan. We are working to align our budgets with the market, and we believe that our salary packages are extremely competitive.


If you are excited about everything that you have just read, please do not hesitate to apply to this position, or send an email with your CV or your LinkedIn profile to Hortensia Espíritu.

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